EOPS Perpetual Spirit Award

The Los Medanos College EOPS Perpetual Spirit Award began in 1993.

The EOPS Perpetual Spirit award is to distinguish a transferring or graduating student who embodies qualities that are positive influences on the EOPS and LMC community. The student will possess qualities that strive for empowerment, demonstrate resiliency, critical self-development and academic growth.

The awarding committee will use the following criteria to select a potential candidate to receive the EOPS Perpetual Spirit Award:
• Graduating or transferring student
• Demonstrate active engagement in their education
• Involved in EOPS activities
• Resiliency through adversity in their life
• Commitment to critical self-development
• Active engagement in the community
• Demonstrate proactive attitude towards goal setting
• Possess initiative and self-determination
• Strive to make a difference

Supplemental Questions
  1. In a 300-600 word essay address how you have demonstrated the award criteria: active engagement in your education, EOPS activities, community involvement; resilience to overcome adversity in your life; a commitment to critical self-development; a proactive attitude toward goal setting; initiative and self-determination; and a commitment to making a difference.