Alamo Women's Club Scholarship Program

The Alamo Women’s Club Scholarship Program was established over 80 years ago and is made possible through annual club fundraising events and community donations. The program’s focus is to award needs-based scholarships to single parents currently attending community college, Youth Homes emancipated foster students, and local public high school graduating seniors.

The following criteria are considered for awarding the AWC Scholarships:

  • Needs financial support to meet educational/vocational goals,
  • Makes a strong commitment to continuing education either academically or vocationally,
  • Completes the AWC application,
  • Maintains a 2.0 grade in all classes
  • Writes a personal essay describing why they applied for the scholarship, what their educational/vocational goals are, and why they deserve the scholarship,
  • Submits two (2) letters of recommendation from either school counselors, staff members, teachers or community leaders,
  • Resides in Contra Costa County
  • Completes the Photo Release Form with required signature,
  • Returns the required documents by email no later than Monday, March 6, 2023.

Note: All documents must be emailed together to

up to $5,000